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    If you spend enough time reading or writing, you find a voice, but you also find certain tastes. You find certain writers who when they write, it makes your own brain voice like a tuning fork, and you just resonate with them. And when that happens, reading those writers … becomes a source of unbelievable joy. It’s like eating candy for the soul.

    And I sometimes have a hard time understanding how people who don’t have that in their lives make it through the day.

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    Elif Shafak, The Bastard of Istanbul

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    Tweets about The Last Hours.

    #TLH #TheLastHours

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    when i’m out with my family and i see a book store


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    the sexual tension when u and ur crush are online on fb at the same time and u just stare at their lil green dot

    and suddenly you know what gatsby felt like

    This is actually the most profound and appropriate literary allusion I’ve encountered so far this week.

    oh my god

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    • Ysandir: In all my centuries I have not known such a jest. Young lion-see your companion for what she really is!
    • Jonathan: She??
    • Alanna: ...
    • Alanna: Look, I came out to have a good time, and I honestly feel so attacked right now...
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    Newton Le Willows library is fizzing with great books

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    One of the books I took to read while I was at jury duty earlier this week was Tithe by Holly Black. Luckily for me, the book was excellent. Not so luckily, I finished it in the first few hours I was waiting. But, that left me a lot of time to sketch out these two in my notebook, and so here is my interpretation of Rath Roiben Rye and Kaye Fierch. Definitely going to be checking out the rest of the series. *nodnod*

    They’re SO GREAT. Roiben is kind of adorable here.

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    A classic novel isn’t good because it’s a classic, rather it is a classic because it was important to the development of the art. And that certainly doesn’t mean that any given person, on any given day, will enjoy reading it. It means that, as a writer, I should be aware of what the classic novel changed in the historical progression of novel story telling. Some classics are pretty terrible, even unreadable, but they are still important.

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